Anniston, Alabama- (June 5-6) 

L.I.T. Mini Conference & Preteen Mission Trip

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma-(June 21-22)

Online Training 92






L.I.T./N.K. Promotional and Information Videos

  • Dr. Richard Ross: Dr. Ross shares his personal perspective on L.I.T. and the impact it has had on his home church. 
  • The Call To Raise Up a New GenerationA compilation of adult testimonies and preteens teaching and doing ministry. A perfect video to share with your leadership.
  • Parent, Leader, and Staff Testimonies: L.I.T. and N.K. have had a life-changing impact on many churches and families. This video is a compilation of testimonies from leaders and parents. 
  • Parent Testimonies: Testimonies of families who were impacted by N.K. and L.I.T.
  • L.I.T. Promotional VideoShare this video with your preteens to get them excited about L.I.T. and their potential as leaders.
  • N.K. Promotional Video: Share this video with your 1st-4th graders to give them a glimpse of the N.K. program.
  • Preteens TeachingA compilation of videos to share to inspire the children and preteens of your church. 
  • Preteen Testimonies: Includes testimonies of children who have experienced the presence of the Holy Spirit speaking through their lives while teaching and ministering.
  • Sixth-Grade Missionary: Maddy shares her story of reaching friends at school through an evangelistic Bible study in the sixth grade.
  • N.K. 1st Grade EvangelistA first-grade girl shares her testimony of leading a friend to Christ on the school bus.