PRETEEN L.I.T. (Leaders in Training)DSC 7980
Preteens are in a special place in life, which we call tweens or in-between children and student ministry. However, their lives don’t have to be put on hold before moving into the student ministry. Through L.I.T. resources, preteens are discipled, equipped, and released into ministry and missions today.




Heart Circle Graphic Final Darker CircleL.I.T. moves preteens through an effective process of parent involvement, disciple (small) group mentoring/equipping, ministry involvement, and missions. This process has a lasting impact on preteens for life. Through service and ministry, preteens discover God’s divine purpose for their lives at a critical age when they are searching for their identity in a lost and dying world. Students and adults alike testify of the impact of learning spiritual disciplines and serving at a young age and how it sets their faith for life. 






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