Empowering Kids

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During this crazy time, it is a perfect opportunity to train and prepare for when we move to a new normal in our churches. When the doors of the churches reopen, it is a perfect time to cast a new and fresh vision for the children in your ministry. We would love for you to join us for our next Empowering Kids training event. 
No cost to attend. 
Online Training Dates
Please check back with us. We will be posting new dates shortly. 
During the training, we will cover four important topics:
  1. Family Reset: Many families today do not have any idea what their top priorities should be. Education, sports, and other extracurricular activities all compete for the kids’ and parents’ time. These are not bad things, but when a family gets their priorities out of order, it spells trouble. We will show you how to help families reset their priorities so that they are putting God first in their homes.
  1. Teacher/Discipler: Most Christian resources today address the “developmental learning stages” of children. Unfortunately, this attempts to determine what a child can or Picture Frame 92cannot do for God due to their age. However, when teachers look at what the Holy Spirit can do through a child, they begin to see the child move to a whole new level of spiritual growth. Learn effective ways to turn your teachers into disciple-makers and mentors.
  1. Ministry Involvement: Every believing child in your church has spiritual gifts that can be used today. Learn creative ways to involve children in your church now using their gifts. You will hear testimonies and see amazing examples from local churches that are heavily involving children in ministry. They are witnessing astonishing fruits as a result.
  2. Outreach/Evangelism: Children are the most effective agents to reach their peers. You will learn effective ways to train and mobilize them into your community and on mission to share the Good News of Christ.

Be sure to invite your leadership to join you. Children’s pastors, pastors, leaders, and Sunday school teachers are all invited to attend.

Training led by Dr. Clint May, President and Founder of L.I.T. Ministries

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