L.I.T. Taught Me to Be a Leader by Holland Coleman-L.I.T. January 2021 Newsletter

L.I.T. Taught Me to Be a Leader by Holland Coleman

When I was old enough to join L.I.T., I jumped at the opportunity to do for others what had been done for me. Looking back, the most amazing thing I learned was a degree of ownership that Hollandmany adults think kids are not ready for. Although we were supervised, when it was time for a Kids Jam (Children's Worship) or Kids Blitz (community outreach), we were responsible for everything. That included transporting our equipment, managing the stage, setting up and tearing down the auditorium, leading worship, all the various performances, teaching, and the invitation. This taught me a great deal about leadership, taking the initiative, and working with others to accomplish something.

Most importantly, my time in L.I.T. taught me that the Gospel is not merely an idea or a story, but that Christ is living and active among His people today, and that if you want to experience intimacy with Christ, the best way to do that is by coming alongside Him and joining in His work. That same sense of fulfillment that I first tasted in L.I.T.—of working toward an eternal purpose—is why I'm currently in seminary today and eager to pursue full-time ministry. (Picture of 5th grade Holland teaching in San Marcos, Texas during 2007, L.I.T. Mission Trip.)

Children in Littleton Colorado Raised $700 to Purchase Bibles for Children in ZambiaPicture2

Children from Horizon Christian Fellowship raised $700 to purchase 100 Bibles for children in Western Zambia. The children were so excited to receive a new Bible. Isaac Mphande trained leaders from 52 churches in Western Zambia. We found out that the majority of children there do not have a Bible. It was a joy for Isaac to give each of the children in his church a new Bible. They were so excited to receive their gift. If you would like to purchase a Bible for children or support our work in Zambia, please designate your check to Zambia Bibles.


Best Fundraiser Ever—Praise the Lord for His Provision! by Dr. Clint May

The year 2020 had its challenges, but 2021 is a new and fresh door of opportunities. We are forever grateful for all of you who have invested in L.I.T., both through your prayers and financially. During our Fall Fundraiser and Un-Banquet, we raised $40,700 toward our goal of $72,000. Of the amount we raised, $19,800 was for our monthly operating budget. This was made Picture3possible through our matching fund. Again, we cannot express how grateful we are to the Lord and for His provision. We want to reach our goal of $72,000 by March 1.

We have begun registration for the L.I.T. Mission Trip, June 19-25. Please keep this in your prayers as we move forward. We are finalizing our plans for the trip and securing the location.

We are looking forward to our Empowering The Next Generation Training Conferences in January and March. We are also starting our monthly Empowering Kids Leadership Training monthly online training this month. You will find more detail about the training in this newsletter.

On the international side, we have approved the translation of our Leadership Training Handbook into Kirundi to be used in Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Then we will move towards having it translated into French. The handbook has now been translated into 10 languages. This will expand our ministry reach into two more countries. Pastor Isaac is working with us from Western Zambia. It is our prayer that we can train at least 100 leaders there this year. If you would like to cover the cost of the translation into French or to sponsor a training event, please email Clint May at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 

God Bless,

Dr. Clint May

President, L.I.T. Ministries

Empowering Kids Online Training Starts This MonthPicture4

This year we are starting a monthly one-hour training and mentorship program for Children's Pastors and leaders. This will give us a regular opportunity to invest in the lives of leaders and significantly impact children in the local church.



Empowering The Next Generation Leadership Training ConferencesPicture5

We are excited to announce our 2021 conference dates, February 15-17, and March 29-31. During the March 29-31 training event, we will be recording the full conference in HD. This training will be loaded on our website and used to train leaders around the world.



Fearless Mission Trip 2021Fearless Master

We are excited to announce that we are on schedule to host our 30th mission trip on June 19-25. We are working on the final details for the trip. Please pray for open doors of opportunity for preteens who will attend the trip.

Prayer Requests


  • Praise the Lord for the $43,700 raised during our 2020 fundraiser.
  • For the doors that are opening internationally

Prayer Requests

  • For God's provision for a training event we are leading in Western Zambia. The cost will be $380 to cover the cost of books, travel, and meals. If you would like to cover this cost, please click here.
  • For finalizing our summer mission trip plans
  • For the Empowering Kids Monthly training events
  • For the Empowering The Next Generation three-day conferences in February and March