Fruit from the Field-L.I.T. March Newsletter

Fruit from the Field Vine and Branches Ministries (Mexico) by Alex and Dianna AburtoPeidras negras

Our first generation of L.I.T.s is making an impact on the next generation even though we haven't been able to gather as L.I.T. The principles learned in their hearts from L.I.T. are now being shared during quarantine in their homes. Thank God for L.I.T.! Since quarantine, God began to provide for our students to be discipled from home and online. For months, V.B.M. student 7-year-old Iker has developed the habit, along with his family, of having a daily time with God. His older sister Marifer (13) learned the discipline & blessing of a daily time with God when she previously went through our L.I.T. (Leaders In Training) course in 5th-7th grades. During COVID, Marifer and her Mom have diligently worked with the family to establish their daily time with God using V.B.M.'s monthly discipleship booklet and prayer guide to read the Bible, memorize Scripture, and talk with God. His family is steadily growing in the Lord and sharing Jesus with their family and neighbors. Praise God!!!

(Picture: Thirteen-year-old Marifer on our L.I.T. mission trip leading her first person to Christ (left) and is now discipling her siblings, who are now leading their neighbors to Christ.)

The Door Is Open. The Question Is: “Will You Walk Through the Door?” by Clint MayClint Speaking

As of January of this year, I will have served in Children's Ministry for more than 31 years. It is hard even to imagine where time has gone. I started seminary, and shortly afterward, my family visited a small church in Cleburne, Texas. A few days later, we received a personal visit from pastor Lynn Rutland. He asked me to pray about being their Children's Pastor. I thought he was crazy at the time; however, within the next three months, the Lord confirmed to me that this was His will. For the past 31 years, I have always sought the Lord for His will and direction. Every time we moved as a family, Vicki and I looked at different ministry opportunities and always looked for an open door. We continually prayed for God's perfect will. We often knew that He was moving us because He would close a door where we were. Many times in my early years of ministry, I would pray, “If this is Your will, please do this to confirm it,” and He would. Now, it is obvious there is a new door opening. 

When I went full-time with L.I.T. five years ago, I was focused solely on churches in the United States. But now, it has become evident that the Lord is working powerfully through L.I.T.122485002 675639606670003 2645698601181034919 n 1 internationally. We have had the honor and privilege of training thousands of leaders overseas. I am amazed at leaders like Isaac Mphande from Western Zambia who went through our training online. Then months later, he invited 52 leaders from 52 churches and trained them. Jeffrey Mwanyenya from Zimbabwe attended training in Cape Town, South Africa, led by Jaco and Johanessa Viljoen. Shortly afterward, he trained more than 200 leaders in Zimbabwe and Zambia. It has become clear to me that this is God’s open door, and we as a ministry are walking through it to achieve His will. To accomplish this, we need to raise our full support as a ministry. During our fundraiser in December, we raised $44,805. Our monthly support went from $4,500 to $6,490. Our goal now is to raise an additional $3,650/month to cover our monthly operating expenses of $10,142. By doing this, funds from the sale of resources as well as mission trip fees can be used to support the work internationally. Thank you always for your continued prayers and financial support. On the next page, you will see a budget for multiple ministry opportunities in which you might be interested in investing.

Dr. Clint May

Opportunities to Invest in the Lives of ThousandsIndia

There are so many ministry opportunities opening up for us, it is hard to count. We are hindered right now by a lack of funds. Here are some developments you might be interested in supporting. Click here to download a copy of our international ministry opportunity sheet. 



Prayer Requests


  • For the many doors that are opening internationally
  • For God’s continued provision for L.I.T. Ministries

Prayer Requests

  • For God's provision for the multiple ministry opportunities overseas
  • For the Lord’s blessings on our summer mission trip
  • For ministry sites or locations for our mission trip
  • For the Empowering Kids Monthly Training events
  • For the Empowering The Next Generation three-day conferences in March