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If you are in children’s ministry, we appreciate your passion for reaching and discipling children.

About 18 years ago, the Lord took us on a fantastic journey with the preteens in our church.

What we did not expect that summer was to see God show up in a powerful way.

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The difference that year was that we trained our preteens how to be leaders in our church.

Some of them we trained to lead worship; others learned puppetry.

Their training prepared them to lead our children’s worship time on Wednesday evenings throughout the summer.

We called it KIDS JAM (Jesus and Me).

At the beginning of the summer, we met with parents and asked them to support their child’s daily walk with Christ.

They signed a covenant with the church agreeing to hold their preteens accountable.

The preteens were doing daily quiet times, watching their behavior, and being an example to younger children.

Little did we know that the kids would transform that summer.

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They were different as they sat at the feet of the Master daily in prayer and Bible study.

Part of our discipleship focus that summer was to train them on how to share their faith.

About midsummer, they used what they had learned and became missionaries in our community.

We found a local apartment complex, and it was there that it first happened—we witnessed our young missionaries lead with enthusiasm.

It was at this ministry site that the preteens led out just like they had learned at church.

They were even more passionate because they were ministering to lost children.

Their worship was more passionate. When they were leading out, there was a sensitivity to the Holy Spirit.

When they prayed, heaven came down.

It was a beautiful picture of the body of Christ being lived out through 11- and 12-year-olds.

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It was their deal—their ministry.

At the time, we (adults) did the teaching.

We went to the apartments each day that week. By Wednesday, we gave an invitation to accept Christ.

The plan was for the preteens to do the counseling.

Three of our sixth graders (12-year-olds) were assigned to counsel, and they sat down and led three children to Christ.


What just happened?!

What did we witness?

Were we sure the children understood what they were doing?

After sitting down and talking with the three kids the preteens had counseled, it became apparent that they knew exactly what they were doing.

The events of that summer rang in my mind: “Clint, is the full Gospel just for teens and adults, or is it for children also?”

The answer is yes!

It has been an incredible past 18 years.

We have hosted more than 29 mission trips…

With approximately 3,000 preteen leaders taking part.

The difference now from then is that the preteens do everything, including the teaching.

It’s their mission trip.

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