Four Predictors for a Child to Have Life-Sustaining Faith

In a recent study by LifeWay publishing, they found four predictors of a child’s life-sustaining faith.  These predictors are the result of proper approaches from two sources of ministry toAdobeStock 318638907 crop children.

  1. Family: Parents play a significant role at home in their child’s faith. The church typically has about 300 hundred hours per year with a child, whereas parents are with their child more than 3,000 hours.
  2. Church: The church has a key role in a child’s life in fulfilling its calling in alignment with God’s Word.

These predictors point to the responsibility of two major influencers in a child’s spiritual life, that is, what parents do at home and what the local church’s priorities are when it comes to children.  

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I Quit! I'm Afraid I Have to Disagree with the Way You Are Taking the Children's Ministry

I rocked some boats the first summer I changed our Vacation Bible School from on-campus to off-campus. Some who were working with me sent their kids down the street to a VBS at aPicture1 sister church, and they would not have their kids participate in an off-campus VBS at our church.

That first summer, we doubled the number of people we reached and doubled the number of those who trusted Christ. After we celebrated a great week, two of my support staff resigned because they disagreed with my direction in ministry. VBS is about reaching the lost. Sadly, it can easily become a camp for Christian kids when it is done at the church.

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From Missions Education to Missions Mobilization of Children to Reach the World

Jesus tells us to “Go and make disciples of all nations.”

What if I told you that children are a significant force in the Great Commission?

They are the greatest harvest field worldwide. Seventy percent of those who trust in Christ do so between the ages of 4 and 14 years.

What if I was to tell you that children in the 4 to 14 age bracket are the most effective agents in reaching their peers? That’s true.

Hi, I am Dr. Clint May. My passion is to reach children and their families with the Good News of Christ.

My heart is to reach children and then disciple them so that they become disciple-makers themselves.

In the last 20 years, I have fully changed my perspective on children and what they can or cannot do for the Lord.

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Four Biblical Keys to a Successful Children's Ministry

Our passion is to reach every child with the Good News of Christ and disciple them so that they might become fully devoted followers of Christ and embrace their calling to serve and ministerFour Step Process Master FB in the body of Christ today. We are committed…

  • To the family by coming alongside them to help them fulfill their biblical calling
  • To discipling children so that they may become disciple-makers themselves
  • To moving children from just sitting and listening in the church to being fully engaged in ministry in the body of Christ
  • To raising young missionaries who proclaim the Gospel of Christ to a lost and dying world

There are four biblical keys to effectively disciple a child at home and in church. The steps have proven to bring maximum spiritual impact when all are in place in your ministry.

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