Why You Want Children to Have a Crisis of Belief

While observing spiritual encounters with God in children, a common theme occurs when focusing on discipling and equipping them for ministry.Bible study 2019 03 07 18 15 54 UTC

We move them out of what is comfortable into a new reality with God.

We want them to have that crisis of faith that causes them to trust the Heavenly Father.

That unique experience causes a spiritual revelation, a divine encounter, and it sets their spiritual foundation deep—God reveals Himself to and through them. 

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The War is Raging Against Our Kids!

Have you noticed that our children are under major attack today? There is an endless onslaught of worldly attempts to control their minds.ENTG Leadership Training

Their thoughts are the target of an enemy who wants to confuse who they believe they are. He wants to cripple them with fear and anxiety.

He wants them to believe they are nothing and have no value as believers in Christ.

Even though the enemy is on the move, God is working powerfully through the lives of children worldwide.

Kids are a mighty force ready to be unleashed in a lost and dying world…a world that is desperately searching for answers.

They are taking the message of Christ into their homes, communities, schools, villages, and cities.

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Why Are Kids Leaving the Church? Is it their Parents’ Fault or the Church’s Fault?

Did your parents ever say to you, “It’s not nice to point”? You may have heard, “Every time you point at someone, there are three fingers pointing back at you.” It seems that this is the case with the Church today. We are pointing our fingers at parents and thinking they are the cause of their child’s spiritual departure from the Church.
finger pointing

It is true that they are the number one influence in their child’s life. They are there 24/7 with their child, and they have the time to make this their priority. Unfortunately, most parents’ priorities are messed up, and they put their child’s education and activities above church and their child’s faith. That can never be good.

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What They Didn’t Teach Me in Seminary

I recently shared during a seminary childhood education class about how God is working powerfully in the lives ofGraduates children. I shared about how the Holy Spirit gifts them and uses them in powerful ways. I even showed them videos of children ministering and teaching.

A student walked up after the class and said, “I just cannot believe this. I have three education degrees, and I don’t believe that kids can do these kinds of things.” I told her, “I am sorry to hear that, but remember God can do what He wants in the life of a child.”

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