Mission Trip Testimonies

Mission Trip Leader Testimonies

  • “I have known that the Lord can use children on mission trips and share the Gospel, but to see it in action has been amazing.”
  • “Shy kids open up, gifts of teaching manifesting, compassion and empathy, hearing the Holy Spirit.” Ashlee Garcia
  • “I was amazed at their leadership and ability to tell them about Jesus and counsel with them and the kids brave and eager to share.” Diane Ward
  • “Eye-opening that our kids step up when we allow ourselves to step down, and that peer-to-peer perspective is a shared youth language.” Chris Goodwin
  • “Our kids saw and experienced very different lives than they have. We can talk about it, but to see and experience what poverty, homelessness, and neglect look like was very humbling.” 
  • “Oh my goodness, they can do it! After doing L.I.T. since October and then the nine-week training, we felt our kids were prepared. But seeing the whole program work—working together—it truly is a mighty work of the Holy Spirit. I will go home trusting the Lord more to let loose and watch.” —Lou Duncan
  • “I have enhanced my belief that children are capable of anything. God is limitless and can equip anyone to do anything if they accept God’s will.” —Janet Bergen
  • “I saw Him giving my girls compassion for others and opening their eyes to see lost people. I saw Him bring out their gifts.” —Emily Mullis
  • “They are powerful vessels. They have a position and place in ministry, and we as the church need to make room for them.” —DeAnn Noyes
  • “I saw the joy in the kids full of the Spirit. Even during ‘chores’ they were laughing and enjoying working for the Lord and being filled with the Holy Spirit.” —Tammie Thibodaux
  • “I saw boldness overcoming fear. I saw kids (L.I.T.s) convicted of sin and fully surrendering to the Lord, committing to change when they come home.” —Nancy Ruth Bailey