Training Opportunities and Resources

Heidi Hayslip"We Cannot Tell You How Providential This Training Was." Heidi Hayslip

"God connected us with this new system of discipleship for kids. It was all God. And we saw that this was just the thing to take our children's pastors to the next level. God loves the children of Burkina so much that He is setting them up to be activated in their faith and used by the Holy Spirit to be disciples that make disciples!"




Empowering The Next Generation Online Training (Free)

We are excited that you will join thousands of leaders who have undergone our Empowering The Next Generation Training Course.




Dr. Clint MayPodcast Minutes With Dr. Clint May is a one- to five-minute podcast that encourages families and church leadership. It contains information to help you take the right direction for your family and children's ministry today.












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