Welcome to the L.I.T. Video Training Certification.
Would you please take a moment to pray before you begin the training to prepare your heart for what the Lord will teach you?
This training usually takes two and a half days to cover. We have tried out best to condense the videos for you without losing important content. 
It is going to take some time to go through all of the videos. Be sure you pace yourself. Watch one video per day if your schedule allows processing through all that you are learning. The videos are between 7 to 15 minutes in length. Be sure you go through each video in order before proceeding to the next. That way, you can fully catch the vision of discipling and equipping children for ministry and missions.
Note: The regular Children's Ministry Conference is a two and half day event that takes approximately 20 hours to complete. This training is shortened and can be completed in less than four hours. 
Once you complete the online training, you will receive a discount on the yearly LIT subscription for your first year. 
Before you begin, click here to download and print your copy of the training handbook. You will need the handbook to follow along with the training.
 1. Recognizing The Significance of Children in Your Church (Part One) Pages 1-2
2. Recognizing The Significance of Children in Your Church (Part Two) Pages 2-4
3. Twelve Biblical Principles to Follow for Children and Student Ministry Pages 5-7
4. The Role of Family in Discipling Their Child (Part One) Pages 8-9
5. The Role of Family in Discipling Their Child (Part Two) Pages 9-12
6. Discipleship (Part One) Pages 14-16
 7. Discipleship (Part Two) Pages 16-18
8. Teaching Spiritual Disciplines (Part One) Pages 19-22 [Loaded 6-9-21]
9. Teaching Spiritual Disciplines Part Two: Prayer (Pages 23-24) [Loaded 6-10-21]
10. Teaching Spiritual Disciplines Part Three: Prayer Warrior Journal (Page 25) 
11. Evangelism, Gifts & Ministry and Life of Obedience (Pages 26-28) [Loaded 7-9-21]
12. L.I.T. Resources How The Work [Loaded 7-9-21]
13. Ministry Training and Involvement (Page 29-30) [Loaded: 7-13-21]
14. Ministry Training-Creative Arts Ministry (Ideas) [7-14-21]
15. Children and Ministry Using Their Spiritual Gifts (Pages 31-33) [Loaded 7-14-21]
Missions/Evangelism (Pages 34-35) [Loaded 7-21-21]
Teaching Children and Preteens How to Share the Gospel (Pages 36-37)[Loaded 7-19-21]
Mobilizing Children and Students into Your Community and on Mission (Page 38-39) [Loaded 7-20-21]
Preparing Children and Students for a Mission Trip (Page 40) [Loaded 7-23-21]
Discipling Others (Page 41)
Bridging The Gap Between Children and Student Ministries (Page 41-43)
Giving God-Sized Challenges (Pages 44-45) [Loaded: 8-23-21]
Casting Your Vision Part One (Pages 46-58) [Loaded 8-24-21]
Training Leaders and 12 Landmines to Avoid (Pages 59-63) [Loaded 8-24-21]
Once you complete the training please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will send you your certification certificate.