From Fear to Fearless Preteens Hearts Were Set on Fire for the Gospel-August Newsletter 2019

August 2019 Newsletter

From Fear to Fearless Preteens Hearts Were Set on Fire for the GospelDSC 9391

One of the things I love seeing on the L.I.T. Mission Trip is watching preteens turn from fearful to fearless. As we watched them arrive this summer in Waxahachie, Texas, Catoosa, Oklahoma and Lewisville Texas, there was a little bit of a fear that you could see on the L.I.T.s faces, especially for those who were on the mission trip for the first time. Their fear turned into fearlessness in a matter of four days. What brought this about for them was experiencing their faith firsthand. Many times they cried out to God for help and strength and we then watched Him come and intercede on their behalf. I truly love this form of discipleship. We get to witness God’s hand working in their lives throughout the week and it becomes obvious in how their countenance changes. The confidence builds and when they leave the trip they are ready to go home and conquer their world. This summer over 200 preteens (4th, 5th and 6th graders) lead 84 people to Christ. It is our prayer that they will return home and continue their mission trip experience.


An International Callingmaster v c edited crop

I wanted to share my heart in this newsletter. As I write this, I pray that you would join me in prayer for the Lord’s leadership and provision. Many of you have followed the international growth of L.I.T. for the past several years. The Lord has confirmed that He is calling us to go overseas to train leaders October 6-20. I am very excited about the possibilities there. We will be flying to Cape Town, South Africa on October 6, and staying there through October 9. During our time in Cape Town we will be meeting with L.I.T. churches there. From Cape Town we will fly to Dar es salaam, Tanzania on October 10, where we will host a two and half day training. In Tanzania we hope to train over 120 churches leaders from 60 churches. From Tanzania we will fly to Addis Abba, Ethiopia on October 15 for a two- and half-day training there. We will then return home on October 20. We have invited key leaders from four countries to join us; Jaco Vijoen, Cape Town, South Africa, Stephan Kaindu, Zambia, Jeffrey Mwanyena, Zimbabwe, and Kenneth Akomea, Ghana. Each leader has a major influence in their countries. Our goal will be to train them and send them home to equip leaders in their parts of the world. The total estimated cost for the trip there will be $25,730. This may seem impossible, but we serve the God of the impossible. I truly believe that the Lord is leading this way and that I am trusting Him to provide. If the funds do not come in, we will see it as not being His will at this time. Please see the budget expense breakdown below:

Budget Breakdown for Trip

Air Fares Clint and Vicki May                                                                                           $4,500

Hotel and Food Expenses (hotel $65/night, meals $8/meal)                                           $2,000

Tanzania Training Expenses (Meals, venue, transportation)                                           $3,640

Tanzania “Empowering the Next Generation” handbook for leaders (120 copies)           $   750

Tanzania “The Gift Evangelistic Bible Study” 3,000 copies to give to children                 $6,500

Ethiopia Training Expenses (books, food, drinks, etc.)                                                     $2,000

Travel, lodging and food expenses for invited out of country leadership                          $6,340

Total Budget                                                                                                                    $25,730

If you would like to contribute funds for this trip and help out it would be greatly appreciated. To sponsor a leader the cost will be approximately $2,000 per person. I am very excited about God’s plans for this trip. My heart is to be right in the middle of His will. If this not His timing, we are good either way. We appreciate your prayers for Vicki and I and this future trip that the Lord has put into place.

In His Service,

Dr. Clint May, President L.I.T. Ministries

Mission Trip Number Correction

As we hit this summer, I was excited to announce we were going to hit our 30th mission trip this summer. After looking at the records again this summer I realized I missed a trip on our spread sheet. We will hit our 30th mission trip next summer.  I apologize for misinformation, but we wanted to make sure we were correct and not give incorrect information in the future.

Praises and Prayer Requests


  • For 84 professions of faith this summer during the L.I.T. Mission Trips
  • For God’s continued provision for the ministry
  • For open doors internationally
  • The Lord provided the funds to provide for the 15 passenger van and trailer for our trip to Oklahoma.
  • The Lord provided funds to cover the cost of shower unites in Waxahachie, Texas and Catoosa, Oklahoma.
  • For Richard Cervantes for his work on our publications. He has taken our resources to a new level of quality.


  • For God’s provision for the international training trip.
  • For David Nigh as he writes and develops the new Kindergarten Materials.
  • For Richard Cervantes as he leaves for his first semester at University of North Texas next week.
  • For Reach 2020 L.I.T. Mission Trip planning. We need to tie down locations for next year.