L.I.T. January 2020, Newsletter

Training International LeadersTraining shot

The Lord continues to bless us with the opportunity to invest in international leaders. This past January 27-28, L.I.T. Ministries hosted our Empowering The Next Generation training in our home office in Benbrook. We had a small group this time, but those who we trained have a reach outside the United States. Mark and Danna McCutchen have been missionaries in Brazil for more than 30 years. They left the training event very excited about training leaders in Brazil. Mary and Enoch are from South Korea and are students from Southwestern Seminary in Fort Worth. Mary will graduate in December and will be heading back to South Korea. She hopes to use what she learned from our training. Click here for our upcoming training dates. (From left to right: Caleb Lapointe, Enoch Choie, Mary, Dana and Mark McCutchen, Clint May)


Discipleship Baptist ChurchOur Kids Have Been Faithful in Their Daily Walk With Christ by Jinseo Chun

We are now on the 12th week of N.K. devotionals! Our four kids and their parents have been doing a wonderful job! They have been so faithful in their daily walk with the Lord through devotionals. They are also faithfully serving our church as parts of the body of Christ. As we have been doing these devotionals for months, we are enjoying this material! The materials are eye-opening for the kids, their parents, and myself.


CaesarVine and Branches Ministries, Piedras Negras, Mexico by Alex and Diana Aburto

I am learning to make prayer a part of my daily life and not just a few minutes at the beginning or end of my day.” 15-year old VBM Intern Cesar de los Santos first came time to The Vine Library 7 years ago. As he accepted Christ and joined our Leaders In Training discipleship & ministry training, Cesar & his family grew in the Lord. He served recently with our team with Awestar Missions and shares: “I want to thank God for this opportunity to share His love and Word with the Awestar Missions team in my city. There were obstacles throughout the week but we were always encouraged to pray. Because of the obstacles, I could learn the need to pray in every situation that arises each day & throughout the day. I could then see God responding to my prayers. I challenge you if you have problems, you can trust in God. Do it and you will see what He will begin to do in you.


I See the Father Working and I Join Him by Clint May

Jesus told His disciples one day, “Very truly I tell you; the Son can do nothing by himself; he can do only what he sees his Father doing, because whatever the Father does the Son also does” (John 5:19-24). I find myself challenged by this passage of Scripture because I see the Lord working around me and the world. There have been so many doors opening for ministry, but I find myself wondering which doors the Lord wants me to walk through. We have the privilege of working with churches in 18 states and 37 countries through our resources and training, both on location and online. The list of countries below shows the many doors of opportunity the Lord has opened.

On-Location Training

• Mexico • South Africa • Namibia* • Dominican Republic of Congo* • Zambia • Zimbabwe • Ethiopia* • Kenya* • Tanzania • Rwanda* • Burundi* • Ecuador**

*Partnership with Global Children’s Network

Online Training

• India • Uganda • Alberta, Canada • New Zealand • Namibia • South Africa • Singapore • Brazil • Nairobi, Kenya • Ireland • Pakistan • Narre Warren, Australia• Germany • Cote d'Ivoire • Kenya • Albania • Manilla, Philippines • Sierra Leone • Palawan, Philippines • Honduras

We covet your prayers for wisdom and for God’s provision for the ministry. Last year was one of our most difficult years financially, but one of the most fruitful in what we accomplished for the Lord. The Lord is faithful, and we trust Him for His provision.

In His Service,

Dr. Clint May President, L.I.T. Ministries

Prayer Points


  • For our successes in equipping and training leaders in the U.S. and internationally
  • For the unending testimonies of the many lives impacted by L.I.T.
  • For the multitudes of children the Lord is raising up in the church as missionaries in their schools

Prayer Requests

  • For God’s provision for L.I.T. to cover our expenses for February
  • For the Lord’s wisdom to know what door to step through when they open
  • For wisdom on how to support churches outside the United States
  • For upcoming conferences, that leaders would catch the vision to disciple and empower kids in their churches
  • For the L.I.T. Mission Trips coming up this summer