When the Mentee Becomes the Mentor-L.I.T. November 2020 Newsletter

While listening to testimonial videos from western Zambia today, my heart lept for joy. They got it! As I heard the leaders share their stories and what they took away from the conference, it 122485002 675639606670003 2645698601181034919 n 1blessed me so much. It has been my dream to develop training that can be duplicated internationally. For the past five years, I have prayed, taught, prayed some more, and fine-tuned our training into what I feel will impact thousands, possibly millions of children. To God be the glory! I praise the Lord for His leadership as He has guided me each step of the way. As He has revealed to me His vision for children, it has been such a blessing to be a part of a ministry that allows me to cast that vision to thousands of leaders who in turn will disciple and empower children around the world. The wonderful thing is that it comes from His leadership handbook—the Bible, God’s Word. I love to explore God’s Word and connect the dots to children and His plans for them. The greater joy is when the eyes of leaders are opened for the first time to the idea that believing children receive the whole package at new birth. It’s not partial salvation; it is complete in Christ. The Holy Spirit who lives in them is not a “baby” Holy Spirit—it is THE HOLY SPIRIT.

After many invitations to go overseas to do training, the Lord has opened new doors of opportunity through the internet. I have had the privilege of meeting leaders around the world online 53306879 10157239776844558 6764734466574254080 nthrough Zoom and WhatsApp. This would not have happened in the past, but now that door is open. This new door has opened a pathway to meet these brothers and sisters in their own time zones with success. I am grateful to the Lord for all He has been doing this year and for the past 18 years of L.I.T. (Leaders In Training).

We invite you if you are not already a Ministry Partner to join us on the journey. Through our monthly ministry partners, we can expand our reach around the world and have a greater kingdom impact. If you are looking for an eternal investment, children are our future. It is estimated that 70 percent of those who accept Christ internationally do so between the ages of 4 and 14. Sadly, the majority of churches’ funds today are invested in adult ministry. Children still have their whole lives to live for the Lord. If we reach them early and set them on course in their relationship with Christ, they will change the world.

God Bless, Dr. Clint May President, L.I.T. Ministries


L.I.T. Shaped Me Into the Person I Am Today by Zoe BrownZoe Brown

I started L.I.T. when I was in fourth grade, and it shaped me into the person I am today. When I became “too old” to participate in L.I.T., I started to disciple two young girls. I was able to watch them grow in their faith. L.I.T. showed me not only the importance of a daily walk with Christ but also the importance of discipleship. If it wasn’t for L.I.T., I probably would not have gone on overseas missions like I have the past three years. L.I.T. gave me confidence when it came to sharing my faith with others.


 Bibles Needed for Children in Zambia

Last month we shared how pastor Isaac Mphande trained leaders from 52 churches in western Zambia. During our recent conversations, we became aware of a major need there in Zambia. The leaders we trained are working with children who do not have a copy of the Word of God for themselves. For them to be able to begin a daily walk with Christ, they need a copy of the Bible for themselves. Isaac estimated that there are approximately 730 children in the churches who he trained.

If you would like to purchase a Bible for a child, the cost is $7.00. For a church of 15 children, the cost is $105. For all the churches, the cost will be $5,110. To donate click here

Online Training Update

As we continue to perfect our online training platform, the Lord continues to bless our efforts weekly. As of today, we have had more than 1250 views of the training. We know that properly-trained leaders have the greatest impact on children. The vision we share from L.I.T. is a paradigm shift from traditional children’s ministry today. Through our training, leaders step into a new vision for ministry.

Prayer Requests


  • For the Lord's continued provision for L.I.T.
  • For the success we have had through our online training
  • For the testimonies we have heard from Zambia

Prayer Requests

  • For the many churches we are working with within the U.S. Many still have not opened their doors for their children’s ministries.
  • For the Lord’s continued provision
  • For continued planning for the 2021 L.I.T. Mission Trip
  • For Clint as he works to complete his book by January 2021
For the ongoing work on the Kindergarten project