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"God Moved in Many Ways" August 2017 Newsletter

“God Moved in Many Ways”DSC 5349

This past summer, we saw the Lord move in so many different ways. It can only be described as amazing! There were numerous prayers answered, and the Lord moved in and through the lives of the L.I.T.s on the mission trips. Marc Faulkenbery shared that there were so many distractions going on at their site in Cedar Hill, Texas; however, it was still amazing to watch the kids turn to prayer. One day, a flock of birds landed near where they were having Bible study. They were so loud that the kids could not hear the Bible study. Marc explained, “I saw Cassidy walk over towards the tree where the birds were. She bowed her head to pray, and immediately the birds were silent. It was amazing to watch!” One day during the trip, an adult leader came to me (Clint) in tears and confessed, “You were right. I have been a helicopter leader. I have been overprotective of the children in my church, but God has proven me otherwise. I have restricted them from being used by God.”

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God Moved in Powerful Ways in OKC-July Newsletter 2017

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We had a great trip to Oklahoma last month. There were five churches with a total of 101 involved in the mission trip. The stories and testimonies were a blessing to hear, knowing that lives were changed, both in the L.I.T.s and in those to whom they ministered.

The testimonies from the L.I.T.s made it clear that God was moving in our midst:

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L.I.T. Ministries Newsletter - June 2017

A Lifetime Member’s Perspective of L.I.T.
image01We recently completed a training event at Iron City Baptist Church in Anniston, Alabama. One of the church members who attended was a lifetime member. Joyce shared her heart about what she heard and received from the training: “I have been in this church for seventy plus years. I have been a part of children’s ministry for about 35 years. We have had many programs come and go. I have taught Son Beams to preschoolers, GAs, Bible Drill—all kinds of programs, but I have never seen a better-implemented program than this one (L.I.T.). It teaches us more how to teach our children. I have been overwhelmed with how awesome this can be for our church. I understand that it is a concept that will be hard for most people to accept. But I think that if we can teach our children in the right way and lead them to Christ and show them how to minister and share their faith, this can be one of greatest programs this church has ever seen. I encourage every parent to be a part of this. I can’t stress enough how important it will be.”

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